A simple solution to create aeronautical data that will appear in the Air Navigation Pro applications of all the members of your group.

What is Air Navigation Manager?

Create your own waypoints, routes and airspaces and share your data with Air Navigation Manager. Access all your data in one central place and share content with all the members of your group across multiple devices. Save time and keep your data private - Air Navigation Manager offers a list of extra features to companies that use or want to use Air Navigation with their members of your group, in order to synchronize different types of data across the devices of all members.

Key Features

Create waypoints

Create waypoints in Air Navigation Manager that will be accessible to all your pilots from any device.

Send documents

Your operational procedures, user manuals or mission specific documents are always up to date on all your devices.

Share routes

Got some interesting routes in your Air Navigation Pro? Send them to all your pilots with two clicks.

Create obstacles

Points, lines, or surfaces: the obstacles you create are automatically displayed in the Air Navigation Pro applications of all your pilots.

Create airspaces

Create your own areas and publish them for all your pilots.

Manage Air Navigation Pro add-ons

Manage the add-ons (Maps, VAC, etc) of all your pilots in one central place.


Connect directly with Air Navigation Pro in the AppStore: there is no need to install anything new.


For professional companies that want all their members of their group to have up to date data collected in one central place.


Create your own data, only visible within your company.


Try it for free!

If you already have an account for Air Navigation Services, you can use the same account for Air Navigation Manager: tap on DEMO and start creating the data for your company.
If you don't have an account yet: tap on DEMO and follow the instructions.